Changes in Eating Habits in Dogs

Anytime a dogs eating habits change, we want to hear about it. All dogs are individuals, and what may be normal for one dog would be completely abnormal for another. Only you know what is normal for your dog, and only you can tell us when something changes.

Changes in food consumption can be complex. Even eating more can be a sign of illness. Dogs experiencing the early signs of some metabolic disorders, such as Cushing’s Disease or Hypothyroidism may suddenly start to eat more and gain weight. Increased stress, changes in exercise patterns, illness and/or infection can all lead to decreased appetite.

Here is a ‘short’ list of things that can cause dogs to decrease or stop eating:

-Dietary indiscretion aka “I didn’t know a dog could/would eat that!!”

-Valley Fever


-Food Allergies

-GI upset or GI blockage

-Transient viral infection

-Tick Fever or other tick born illnesses

-Ingestion of a toxic substance

-Mouth or throat pain

-Disease in any one of the internal organs

ANYTIME a dog stops eating altogether it is a medical emergency. Puppies experiencing decreased appetites should be seen immediately as their reserves are small and they can get into trouble quickly.