Jean Huang, DVM

Dr. Jean Huang is a veterinarian with Animal Care Center of Green Valley who treats canine and feline patients and has a special interest in internal medicine and pets with difficult to diagnose illnesses. (She says: “It’s like trying to figure out a puzzle – a 12-sided Rubik’s cube!”)

Pet quality of life:

Ask Dr. Huang what is most on her mind when she treats pets and she will reply, “Pain management.” Making sure pets are free from pain during and following procedures, and throughout their lifetimes, she says is not only her responsibility as a veterinarian, but is essential to each pet’s recovery, health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Experience / background:

Dr. Huang moved to Arizona to join Animal Care Center of Green Valley after working at veterinary hospitals in northern California. She says she easily gets cold so the desert climate suits her just fine! Though she originally wanted to be a human medical doctor, Dr. Huang switched to veterinary medicine due to her love of animals. She is fascinated by medicine and the complexity and constant growth and change of all living beings.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of California / Davis, 2003

Bachelor of Science, with honors, in Animal Science, Cornell University


English, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese


Dr. Huang was born in Taiwan and has lived in Georgia, California, New York and Germany. She says living in different countries has made her more open-minded to other cultures and traditions.
She lives with three cats: Chance, an assertive and sometimes cranky flame point Siamese; Cody, a sweet grey tabby; and Cleo, a goofy and sometimes clumsy Maine Coon. She still misses her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Callie, who passed away. In her spare time, Dr. Huang is taking a hiatus from getting her pilot’s license, and instead can be found at the shooting range, driving around in her Prius, reading suspense novels or the Bible and at Mass. She loves photography, the outdoors, exploring new places and has traveled to Europe, England, Malta, Australia, and New Zealand.

“Animals don’t live as long as people because it doesn’t take them as long to learn how to live right.”