Vomiting in Dogs

Dog have a well developed gag reflex, which is essential given all the things they will try to eat! Just watch any video of wolves at a kill and you can see why our carnivorous counterparts are capable of vomiting with far less provocation than humans.  A dog can be perfectly healthy and vomit. The trick is in figuring out when you should worry and get your dog into the veterinarian.

Sometimes, it is very clear to see what your dog just vomited up, and other times it is more of a gross partially digested mystery.  Bring your dog in immediately if you see any of the following in its vomit:


-Easter ‘grass’ or holiday tinsel

-Fishing line or hooks

-ANYTHING sharp, including bones and sticks

-Anything made of cloth, plastic, glass or metal


-Toys, squeakers off toys, bits of toys


-Rat bait or poison (Important!! Bring the box in with you,)


-Too much food, including their own

-Blood, black ‘coffee grounds’, or black bile is always an emergency

The following are signs of needing an immediate trip to the veterinarian:

-Bring in any dog that is trying to vomit but cannot (this may be a sign of bloat).

-Bring in any dog that cannot hold down water.

-Bring in any puppy that vomits, even once.

-Bring in any dog that is vomiting and lethargic.

-Bring in any dog that vomits more than twice in a given day.