Litter Box Issues

Being aware of your cats litter box habits is extremely important. Cats are susceptible to many urinary tract issues, and male cats especially can experience life threatening urinary blockages. The most important thing to know is that if your cat is urinating outside the box, it is most likely due to a medical issue that can be addressed quickly and effectively.

Anytime a cat has a change in litter box behavior we want to hear about it! Litter box changes include:

-‘Missing’ the box- either urinating/defecating far from the box, or just missing the box.

-Changes in litter box odors.

-In clumping litter, the presence of many small clumps which indicates many small amounts of urine multiple times a day.

-Spending more time in or near the litter box.

-Vocalizing when in or near the litter box.

-Straining while in the litter box.

-The presence of blood in urine or stool in the litter box, or elsewhere in the house.

-Too loose or very hard stools.

Any of these changes require veterinary intervention as soon as possible to avoid your cat connecting pain and discomfort with using the litter box. Any cat who has stopped urinating may have a urinary blockage which is an emergency and should be seen immediately