Why Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)

Let’s begin by explaining why we believe EFA supplementation may be necessary in your dogs diet.  Living in Southern Arizona can be extra tough on your pets skin and coat. Due to inadequate feeding practices used in food animals, most commercially available meat is sadly lacking in Essential Fatty Acids. Some pets can’t produce all of the EFAs they require, so they must consume it through dietary sources.  If these dietary sources are lacking in certain EFAs, the only other option is supplementation.

Most research on EFA supplementation is based on human testing.  However, we believe some pets receive the same benefits reported in human studies.  Here are some of the benefits we’ve been seeing in pets needing supplementation:

1.  Reduces inflammation (pain) associated with arthritis and similar joint diseases.

2.  Plays a vital role in establishing a healthy lipid barrier in the skin to block irritants and


3.  Aids in the treatment of KCS (dry eye).

4.  Reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

5.  Increases bone strength and maintains bone mass.

Researchers are also currently studying the effects of EFA supplementation on diabetes, obesity, lupus and some cancers.