Shelley Humphrey, DVM

Special interests:

• Internal medicine which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases affecting a pet’s internal organs.
• Use of ultrasound which uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images and diagnose diseases of the internal organs and deep tissue.
• Challenging and complicated medical problems that “motivate me to continue to learn and improve my skills as a diagnostician and clinician.”
• Alleviating chronic and often unrecognized pain in older and athletic patients. “Orthopedic disease and pain are more common than many think, and helping to identify and treat a pet’s discomfort is very rewarding!”

I knew I wanted to be a vet when:
Although I came from a family of engineers, I knew that was NOT my career path despite parental pressure! I grew up with pets of all kinds, and knew at a young age that veterinary medicine was my calling. Since I can remember, my education and focus were always geared toward becoming a veterinarian. I love science, particularly biology, and most importantly love every kind of animal. My friends made fun of me because I could not kill ants on the sidewalk. (That’s still true today!)

Pets in our lives:
Pets give our lives an incredible enrichment. Our dogs and cats bring us joy and pleasure that is indescribable. It is my job and mission to strengthen and preserve that bond. I can’t think of a better career than that.

University Of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, 2000.

I was born in Colombia and lived in three different countries before moving to the United States. I grew up mostly in Illinois but I am a Badger at heart! I currently share my home with my husband, my dog and my cat. When I’m not working I enjoy playing soccer and scuba diving.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakened." Anatole Frank French poet, journalist and novelist